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We’ve provided social media marketing services for a diverse range of companies in Northamptonshire and we can do the same for you. Wherever you’re based (whether that’s the town centre, a short walk from the Racecourse or in one of the surrounding rural villages), we’d love to help you fulfill your potential on social media.

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Social Media Management Agency Northampton

Social media marketing can play a key role in developing your brand, improving leads and maximising ROI (return on investment) – but only if you’re able to put in the time.

We know many small and medium sized businesses do not have the luxury of a dedicated social media marketer in Northampton and that’s where we can help. As a creative social media agency, we work as if we’re part of your very own marketing department, liaising with you to ensure content is crafted to give your audience real value. Our marketers, designers and copywriters create social media packages to keep your channels fresh, relevant and engaging, whilst building your following and acquiring more leads, conversions and sales.

With SEO expertise, we know how important social media is to a search engine optimisation strategy and the posts we create for your pages will not only look the part, they’ll provide social signals to the likes of Google, improving traffic from search engines. Being based so close to Northampton; we’ve helped a huge number of clients use social platforms to develop their brand and win more sales, and we can do the same for you. To make the most of your social space, send us a message and we’ll get back to you with a bespoke quote.

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Social Media Agency Northampton

Our social media marketing services in Northampton can be tailored to your exact requirements. As an example, our social media management can incude Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+, and each month we can create a series of engaging posts to build your audience, spread the word about your products and services and boost customer interaction. Actively engaging with your audience on social networks and keeping the accounts fresh with beautiful visuals, products shots, infographics, inspirational quotes, case studies, industry information, news and advice, we’ll ensure your pages offer new and existing customers real value. This not only helps improve your unique reputation and your brand as a whole, it also ensures users see your business as a leader in your industry, constantly striving to satisfy the needs of your customers.

To learn more about the benefits of social media marketing and how it can work for you, take a look at our introductory video.

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There is no one size fits all package on social media, which is why prior to writing a proposal, we review our clients’ accounts and take the time to research their industry, competitors and customer profile. There are many different ways in which we can help you utilize social media platforms, depending on your goals and objectives, so it’s always best to send us a message or give us a call on 01234 581010 to find out more. During the early stages we can produce three bespoke packages that match your requirements; Moderate Impact, High Impact and Full Impact, whilst all of these can be altered so you only pay for the services you need.

Though specialists in social media marketing services, we’re also experinced in copywriting, design, content marketing, PR and photography. Our content marketing services can include regular blog posts, email newsletters, news items, feature articles, case studies, eBooks and white papers, so feel free to drop us a line for more information on these services.

As a UK social media agency, we work closely with each and every one of our clients to produce relevant, engaging and valuable content. Whether we’re purely helping with Facebook Marketing Services or managing a number of accounts, we will send you a content calendar at the beginning of the month. This allows you to view the posts before they’re published, so you always have an opportunity to request any changes. Once you’re happy with the post descriptions we can create the visuals to be published alongside them and then publish the content at the optimum time, taking your audience’s behaviour into account.

One of the big advantages of working closely with you is the fact that we’re able to craft posts that draw attention to your latest products, information or campaigns. If you have something particular in mind that you’d like us to focus our attention on, perhaps a new accreditation, an upcoming event, a new service or a seasonal campaign, we can help you spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+ among other platforms. We pride ourselves on delivering flexible social media marketing services in Northampton and our approach has earned many plaudits from our existing clients.

With our reports we also provide a summary as to what we did and how it worked, followed by the next steps. This ensures we’re always driving forward, improving your social media presence where possible. Our monthly format doesn’t just help with regards to organisation, it allows us to track your performance and view the effects of our marketing efforts, giving us the information we need to fine-tune your campaign going forward. Always thinking of the bigger picture, our aim is to ensure the content we produce engages with your audience, improves brand recognition and generates enquiries, sales and leads.

Having helped a diverse range of customers in Northampton put their social media platforms to good use, we’re ideally situated to run through everything with you in person.

  • Facebook

    Facebook is an extremely powerful platform for both B2C and B2B businesses, and one of the most effective ways to we improve sales is by producing targeted content (and adverts) that send people to your conversion-driven website. With Facebook Ads, you can target a very specific set of users who are already showing interest in your products or services, whilst you can narrow down on their gender, age and location too. Keeping your Facebook page fresh, engaging and valuable is extremely important nowadays, as users actively search Facebook to find out more about a company, read their reviews and get a feel for the brand.

    Facebook Marketing Services

  • Twitter
    Twitter may not be known for its high engagement rates, but as a real time platform there’s no denying it’s importance for small, medium and large businesses. By compelling users to get their messages across in just 140 characters, Twitter has made many marketing teams fantastic editors, getting to the point quickly. To make an impact on Twitter it’s important to post regularly with content that’s actually of interest to your followers. Being a real time platform, there’s also a need for fast and friendly responses to customer queries, problems or positive feedback. That said, managing this platform isn’t easy, especially from small marketing teams and that’s where we can help! Find out more by clicking the button below.


    Twitter Marketing Services

  • Twitter
    LinkedIn is a B2B company’s dream! Recognised as the professional social media network, it’s astoundingly powerful, giving companies opportunities to connect with professionals in their industries, establish new connections and find clients. Social Moves can help you create a company page that speaks volumes, acting as a lead generator, providing crucial information on your firm, whilst positioning your businesses as a leader in your niche. So whether you’re a property development company in Northampton, a vehicle leasing agency, a security firm or a recruitment agency, we can help you make the most of LinkedIn by attracting prospective customers, engaging with them and nurturing them to help you close important deals.

    LinkedIn Marketing Services

  • Google+
    It’s probably no surprise that Google rates their own social media platform very highly, meaning having an active presence on Google+ can do a world of good for your Google search results. Many businesses know how important it is to rank well on Google and we know from working with our sister Agency SEO Moves, that regular engaging posts on Google+ can go a long way to increasing organic website traffic. By creating beautiful content that links back to your website pages, we’re able to give your website more credibility and give Google+ users opportunities to discover your products and services. So if you’re looking to improve SEO performance, including Google+ management in your strategy can be very advantageous.


    Google+ Marketing Services

  • Pinterest
    As one of the fastest growing platforms, it’s fair to say that Pinterest has cemented its place in the social media universe. Being purely visually focused, it’s important to be able to produce attention-grabbing, visually strong content, especially if you’re looking to build brand recognition and drive users to your website. We often hear that some traditional businesses ‘do not lend themselves to a lot of visual content’, but with our help, thinking outside the box and producing content that’s designed to engage with users and spread the word about your product or services, we can ensure Pinterest plays a productive role in your marketing strategy.

    Pinterest Marketing Services

  • Instagram
    As one of the most widely used social networks, Instagram is a photo and video sharing platform that many businesses are using to drive sales, increase website traffic and attract leads. Being almost entirely image-centric (apart from the text description that can be posted along with the main image(s) or video(s), it’s important to be able to produce high quality, engaging images and videos to share your brand’s story. Our team of designers can ensure every post on your platform not only looks the part, but plays a role in your overall digital marketing strategy. Of course, some businesses are more suited to Instagram than others, but this platform has grown so much, that no businesses would look out of place with their own company page and we can always offer help and guidance if you’re unsure whether it’s a platform you should be investing your money and time in.


    Instagram Marketing Services

  • We really do love the work you’re doing on the Finesse Windows’ social pages. The content you post definitely works to showcase our products and services in good light, whilst it’s always consistent with the brand – which we love!

    Russell Bridge
    Director Finesse Windows
  • It’s so refreshing to see a constant stream of engaging posts on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. We did originally look at social media management for its SEO advantages but we can now see how important is to have engaging content, especially in terms of improving leads, sales and brand recongition.

    Jake Brown
    Managing Director Avro Energy
  • Thank you so much Social Moves! My Facebook and Instagram accounts look so much more professional and the content posted is just right for my audience. The fact that I can just leave you to it is amazing, and it means I can now dedicate more time to dealing with enquiries.

    Kimberley Whitehouse
    Owner - Is It Gluten Free?