Social Media Services Bedford

Social Media Management

Our Social Media packages help take the stress out of managing a wide range of social profiles. If you aren’t seeing the return from your social campaign, it’s time to get in touch with a member of our team.

Social Media Auditing

Reckon that your social media isn’t performing up to the mark? Our FREE analysis will allow you to discover where it’s going wrong and how tweaking your campaign can make the world of difference.

Social Media Training

We regularly and activity train a wide variety of companies and industries on how to effectively manage their social profiles, ensuring that you don’t walk into a PR nightmare. Contact us today for a bespoke training package.

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Social Media Services Bedford

Social Moves is a Content and Social Media Marketing Agency based in Bedford, Bedfordshire, providing first class social media services to businesses throughout the UK. Our creative team has helped a diverse range of small and large businesses build brand recognition whilst boosting sales by producing engaging content for websites, social media accounts, email marketing campaigns, advertisements and brochures. With a talented group of designers, copywriters, social media marketers and PR officers, we help businesses share their stories with the right audiences, creating brands that customers can actively engage with.



Social Media Marketing Services

The team at Social Moves will help you capitalise on your social media presence, helping you build a modern-age brand that your new and existing customers want to actively engage with. 

Creative Copywriting Services

If you have a story to share but don’t know where to start, our talented copywriters will be happy to help. We’ll produce interesting, engaging and authoritative content.

Expert Content Marketing Services

As specialists in storytelling, Social Moves will help you attract and retain a refined audience through high quality written, audible and visual content across all of your platforms.

Design Services

Visuals can sometimes speak louder than words and we’ll use our graphic design expertise to make your brand more professional, memorable and engaging across all of your platforms.

Public Relations Services

Today, good PR needs high quality content and social media support. Our PR officers work to grow and humanise your brand, building relationships with the  media.

Brand Development Services

Let us help you create and implement a brand that speaks to your consumers. We’ll hone in on your brand’s story, message, tone of voice and design.


A lot of Small to Medium sized organisations may have had a good stab at Social Media, but soon found out that it didn’t work for them. This is a common occurence, not because Social Media doesn’t work (otherwise we wouldn’t be here!) but the fact that your approach and methodology to obtain leads / enquiries through Social Channels needs revising. Our social media services help you to adopt, implement and push over 50 social campaigns a month through a wide variety channels from Facebook, to LinkedIn, to Twitter and Google Maps My Business.

How can we help you?

  • Gain new followers, leads and enquiries through your existing social channels.
  • Obtain calls through targeted advertising to your customer profile.
  • Packages from as little as £110 + VAT p/m!
  • Obtain your FREE Google Maps Listing!

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you, then simply get in touch with us.

Want to speak to us about your goals and objectives? No problem. Simply send us a message here or take a look at our series of packages and prices for social media services Bedford.




Social Media Services

The power of social media marketing can no longer be ignored; after all a vibrant and interactive social presence can be the backbone of your business. It’s much more than a platform used for socialising with friends; it’s a viable marketing avenue for small, medium and large businesses, as well as being one of the biggest influencers of buying decisions.

This is why it’s so important to be on top form and our friendly team will not only help you build brand awareness and attract the right type of followers, we’ll engage with your fans and build a roadmap for success. We draw upon our creative skills to create and share relevant, engaging and genuinely interesting content, from stunning photographs to case studies, infographics, videos, adverts, articles and blog posts. Let’s get you flying on Facebook and trending on Twitter today with a social media package that works for you.

  • No ‘one trick pony’

    With Social Moves, you have access to a creative team of designers, writers, PR pros, photographers and branding specialists. With these skills in our locker, we never need to outsource—so you never need to look elsewhere.

  • We don’t switch off

    There’s no power off switch for social media and that’s why we work around the clock to increase engagement with your fans and followers, improving leads conversions and sales whilst maximising  return on investment (ROI).

  • Real results

    We’re constantly communicating with our clients, keeping them updated on their social media or content marketing campaigns with monthly reports. For further reassurance, come and see what we’ve achieved already by browsing our testimonials here.

  • Affordable and upfront

    We’re clear on costs from the start and you’ll find a series of packages to choose from on our website. If you’re not entirely sure on the package you need, simply message us here and we’ll tell you how we can help.

  • We care

    We love nothing more than helping brands engage with their customers in two-way conversations, and we go the extra mile for our clients, aligning audience, objectives, strategies and tactics in a way that achieves specific, measurable results.

  • Putting you on the map

    Social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing and press releases all play their part in improving brand recognition – wherever you’re based in the UK! So, if you need a Social Media Agency Northampton, we can use our digital marketing experience to keep your business in the limelight.



Moderate Impact

£255+VAT pm
£255+VAT pm
  • This is an example package for a client who is looking to boost their SEO (search engine optimisation) efforts, keeping their social media accounts active, sending social signals to the likes of Google and Bing. If you were looking to develop brand recognition and improve sales using social media, we’d recommend you choose between High or Full Impact.
  • Monthly management of a maximum of three social media accounts.
  • 10 social posts per month between two accounts (£15 ad spend included).
  • Posts include custom visuals unique to your brand and your following.
  • This package does not include extra time spent on engaging (liking, commenting, following, sharing etc).
  • Monthly reporting.

High Impact

£360+VAT pm
£360+VAT pm
  • With a high level of engagement, this intermediate package is perfect for businesses that want to improve their presence on social media with professional, engaging and targeted content. With plenty of engaging posts throughout the course of the month, we aim to provide real value to your followers, ensuring they feel inclined to share, comment and like your content.
  • Monthly management of a maximum of four social media accounts.
  • 25 social posts per month between three accounts (£25 ad spend included).
  • Posts include custom visuals unique to your brand and your following.
  • Extra hours allocated to boost engagement. This includes commenting, liking and following prospective customer’s pages.
  • Monthly reporting.

Full Impact

£520+VAT pm
£520+VAT pm
  • The Full Impact package is just right for companies who really want to take full advantage of social media. This one includes Facebook and Twitter advertising spend and the paid campaigns work to ensure the right people see your posts at the right time. With regular engagement, our team will work to influence customer behaviour and drive user action.
  • Monthly management of a maximum of five social media accounts.
  • 50 social posts per month between five accounts (£50 ad spend included).
  • Posts include custom visuals unique to your brand and your following.
  • Weekly allocated time to boost engagement. This includes commenting, liking and following prospective customer’s pages.
  • Monthly reporting.

Not quite what you’re looking for? No problem, simply click the button below to tell us about your unique requirements.



As you browse our site you’ll discover a series of different packages for social media services Bedford, including Social Media Management, Content Marketing and Blog Management. These are some of our most popular, but we also offer bespoke packages if you require a blend of creative services. To choose the right package for your requirements, send us a message using our contact form and tell us more about your business. We can then ensure you get a package that will help you achieve your goals.

Once you’ve chosen a package and we know more about you, your business and your goals, we will put together a content calendar, also known as an editorial calendar. This is sent over in the form of an Excel workbook and it details the content we’re going to create as well as the date that it will be published. Once you’ve checked the calendar for the month ahead and approved the work, we can get started.

The work begins! You can have as much or as little involvement as you want with Social Moves. If you’re happy to leave us to it, our work will follow the dates in the content calendar, but if you have any ideas or specific services, sales or promotions that you’d like to focus at short notice, let us know and we can adjust the calendar accordingly. Our services are designed to be flexible and we do enjoy hearing your feedback throughout the course of the month.

When the work is complete and the month has come to a close you will receive your monthly report. The findings and statistics in the report will be dependent on the services you’ve chosen but as an example a Social Media Management report will include stats on engagement, insights, followers, likes and shares acquired throughout the course of the month.

We’ll also give you a summary as to what we did and how it worked, followed by the next steps. Once this report has been sent out, you will receive next month’s content calendar and our work begins again! Our monthly format doesn’t just help with regards to planning, it allows us to track your performance and see the effects of our marketing efforts. It also allows us to fine-tune your campaign going forward, ensuring we continue to produce content that engages with your audience, improves brand recognition and generates enquiries, sales and leads.