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Many businesses have their own blog or news feed but it can be difficult to know how to make good use of it.

We know full well that producing valuable content on a regular basis takes up a considerable amount of time and it requires dedication. Not many small or medium-sized businesses have the man-hours to maximise leads and conversions from their blog, but that’s where we can come in.

Over the years we’ve produced blog posts on a diverse range of topics stretching from construction to fashion, photography, gardening, interior design, sports, security, health, medicine and food to name a few! Lending our hand to this enormous range of subjects has meant we’ve learned things we never thought we would, and explored products and services we never knew existed! Customers thrive on fresh content, and we can help you make sure it’s readily available and juicier than ever with a tailored blog management package. To find out more about this service, feel free to send us a message or use our live chat feature on the bottom right hand side of this page.

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How can we help you spread your message?

A blog can be used in so many different ways. It can give you a platform to promote your products or services, answer questions that your competitors may have overlooked, build website traffic, develop a consistent tone of voice or improve your onsite optimisation for specific keywords, but most importantly, it can improve sales. We manage a diverse range of corporate websites and blogs, and our humble team know how to help you make an impact online with a blog or website rich with reviews, case studies, brand stories, news items, infographics, and stunning commercial photographs. If you’d like to speak to us about your content requirements, get in touch with u using the contact form on this page.

Believe us when we say there really isn’t one active company in the world that doesn’t have any news to share on their website or blog. It can be difficult to notice the changes occurring in your own workplace or industry, but we can help you find an angle that’s worth sharing. With a journalistic background, we know how to craft a compelling story, and our online marketing experience has taught us how to maximise each story’s reach. Let us populate your website or blog with content that’s genuinely interesting and valuable to your visitors with a reguallr dose of news and updates.

Visual content is key to grabbing the attention of your perspective customers, and you have to incoprorate it into your content marketing strategy if you want to compete with thouands of brands trying to make themselves heard. Visual content is processed a lot faster than text, up to 60,000 times faster (according to the SAGE Handbook of Politcal Communication), whilst MDG Advertising, state that adding visual elements to your content, you can generate up to 94% more views. As a freelance copywriter, photographer and designer, we can boost your marketing strategy with visual content that stands out from the crowd.

Every single one of your customers is a ‘case’ worth sharing, and your blog is the perfect platform to publish this form of content. How else will your perspective customers fully understand what you or your products have achieved for others in the past?

Case studies can extremely fruitful in terms of promoting a specific product or service, and they can ring true when they’re packed with interesting information, statistics, graphics and customer feedback. We can give your businesses the credit it deserves with a series of case studies that tell your perspective customers why you’re the right fit for them. We want your visitors to be able to see the progress you’re making, and it’s another great way of adding fresh content onto your website, giving search engines the information they need to better understand your website.

Blog Management - Our 5 Step Process

We know that it takes time to see real results from content marketing, and blogging is a big part of the overall strategy. That’s why we look at blog management as a long-term project from the off, so it’s always best to sit down with you over a coffee to chat about your goals going forward. Once we know exactly what you’re looking for we can create a tailored plan that meets your requirements and works within your budget.

When we know a little more about your business and your requirements we can quickly work out costs and come back to your with a quotation. Our prices are simply based on our time, so we look at how long it will take us to research, design and write each blog post. It’s that simple.

As soon as we’re agreed on the work, we carry out our homework. To craft the perfect blog posts, we need to know more about your business, your industry and your customers—not to mention their interests. We also undertake keyword research to create articles that answer the public and keep them coming back for more. With SEO in our blood, we’ll never click ‘publish’ until we’ve produced a blog post that satisfies real visitors as well as search engine spiders, and our work can complement that of our sister agency SEO Moves.

There are absolutely no secrets in the way we work. Every piece of content that we send over for your approval is researched by us, written by us and edited by us. If you need us to create visuals like infographics and photographs, they’ll be produced by us too. We’re familiar with a diverse range of CMS systems, so whether your blog is on WordPress, Magento or a completely bespoke system, we can create a blog posts that are laid out beautifully with purposeful paragraphs, eye-catching images and compelling CTAs (Call to actions).

The first draft you receive from us is never really a ‘first draft’. We edit, edit and edit again, making sure there are no grammar errors, design mishaps or broken links. We aim to get it right first time every time but if you would like us to make any further edits we’re more than happy to do so.