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PR means a lot of different things to different people. For us, it’s about taking your brand and your company, and thrusting it into new and exciting places. While our Social Media packages will help you gain loyal customers through your social media accounts – the aim of our PR services is to get people talking about your brand. We look at your industry and identify key titles that speak to your consumers on a regular basis.

By identifying various channels we can then plan various ways to speak to your audience through them; be it press releases, listings, new product launches, or full campaigns spread across months – we design our work around your needs, products and audience.

The true value of PR, though, is when your brand branches out into areas where you’re not normally known. That means your customer base expands, your brand becomes better known and you start to gain column inches.

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Public Relations Services

How we'll get your business into the spotlight

PR agencies are often seen as a luxury for the bigger companies. The tech giants, the consumer powerhouses that have enormous budgets to put into advertising, marketing and PR. That’s not the case though; agencies like Social Moves prove that smaller companies (from the one man bands to the 10 person start-ups) can afford PR, and can afford PR that works for them and their budgets.

We won’t push you to spend more than you can afford and we won’t oversell what we can do with your budget; instead we’ll be frugal, realistic and devise a plan that works for you.

Much like our Social Media and Content Marketing Services, we’ll sit down with you at length to devise a plan on how best to use your assets to best promote the brand. We won’t promise you coverage on the Mail Online or the front pages of the Sun; unlike other PR agencies we value quality engagement and realistic targets. In an ever changing news agenda PR needs to adapt as well; and there are hundreds of outlets out there perfect for your brand’s messaging.

We’ll start with low level planning, spend time identifying targets and researching your industry before anything else; making sure we know and understand you, your business and your market before we really get into the nitty gritty.

As with our Social Media work we deliver end of the month reports going into extensive detail about the work we’ve done, and also the effects that that work has had in a number of areas; print, online, social and traffic. It’s all nicely laid out and clearly defined.