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Graphic Design, Web Design, Brochure Creation, Social Media visuals, infographics and more from Social Moves. Making your brand more recognisable, professional and engaging.

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Design and Branding Services

We love designing fresh, innovative and engaging content for our clients and our work not only involves creating eye-catching visuals for social media platforms, we also help companies develop a brand image that they can be proud of.

This could involve us crafting bespoke logos, stunning web pages, beautiful brochures and professional communications. Our wealth of experience in design for online and offline purposes is extremely broad so whether you need a new vinyl design for your shop window, a mock-up for you next website update or new signage for your delivery van, we’ve got your back. You can read more about some of our regular design work below whilst some of our recent additions to our design portfolio can be found at the bottom of this page.

If you’d like to speak to us about your next deign project – big or small – we’d love to hear from get in touch simply call us on 01234 581010 or send us a message here and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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Infographics can play an important role in the visual marketing world and they’re becoming more popular because of the fact that the majority of social media platforms are geared around pictures. As a form of visual content, infographics balance important information with beautiful graphics, charts, graphs and icons. They often incorporate company logos too and they play a part in building recognition whilst subtlety engaging with your target audience, whilst demonstrating your experience, knowledge, authority and commitment to your industry.

Infographics can be used across social media platforms, blogs, websites and brochures and Social Moves can work with you to create on-trend infographics. What’s more, we’ll conduct the research for the piece and analyse your social media posts to understand what works well for your business. We can then get our in-house design team working to create eye-catching infographics to help boost engagement, brand recognition and leads.


We have a great range of packages to suit your business’s needs, however with all of your social media platforms booming, directing your potential customers to a poorly designed website could mean hurt your chances of generating sales.

Social Moves can work with you to design the perfect website and we’ll work with you every step of the way. We know the importance of a professional online presence and we can ensure your newly designed website will have the same consistent house style you’ve developed over time. Customers will automatically feel as though they are dealing with a reliable company when entering a relevant, well-designed and easily navigated website, so don’t settle for an old design that’s overcomplicated and poorly structured with minimal visual interaction.

Our designs work covers all pixels of your website, from the size and style of the buttons, to the typography and of course, the hero banners! So whatever your website needs, our design team can help. We are happy to arrange and telephone call or meeting to discuss how we can improve your online presence. For us, it’s all about working with you to create a design that’s perfect for your customer profile.


Social media marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to get your brand recognised. Your social media accounts will, however, need to incorporate visuals to draw attention to your posts and we’re experienced in producing professional, eye-catching and engaging visuals to keep your social media pages looking fresh.

We have a variety of packages that can be adapted to suit your business’s needs, starting with the very basic to the more sophisticated tasks. So whether you need consistent profile images made for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, or a series of hero banners to perfectly fit the cover photo space on each of the platforms, we can meet your needs. By creating bespoke images we’re able to keep your audience more engaged, whilst maintaining a professional social media reputation. We’ve designed content for a diverse range of social media accounts and you can view some of our latest examples at the bottom of this page.


Your logo is a crucial part of your identity and once it’s been released to the word the real journey of brand recognition begins. That’s why you need to put time, effort and a lot of thought into your logo design, and it’s something we’re used to doing. Here are our 5 principles of great logo design:

Simple Keeping the logo nice and simple helps your existing and prospective customers to remember it more easily. A busy logo can take too long for the mind to process and therefore your potential customers may subconsciously become disengaged.

Memorable Creating a logo that people register and remember at a glance can significantly improve brand recognition. They may spot your logo on a product label, a delivery van, a business card or on social media, and they’re more likely to take a closer look and engage with the brand if it’s a logo they’ve been exposed to before.

Timeless – A great logo will never need to be overhauled. Keeping it nice and simple can ensure that it never goes out of fashion. Think of some of the biggest brands logos like Nike, Adidas, Ford, Apple and Google. There have only ever been minor changes to meet new design trends and that’s the way it should be.

Versatile Your logo needs to be versatile so that it can be used across all aspects of marketing collateral as well as your packaging and internal communications. When we create a logo we’re not just thinking about how it looks on a website, we’re thinking about how it can be utilised in all areas of work.

Relevant – The logo must of course be specific to your brands products, services and target audience. Some logos will include clever features that purposefully draw in attention from the right type of people.

Creating a unique brand identity is a great way to make your company stand out from your competitors, and we can help you with all aspects of branding, whether that’s deciding on a specific colour theme, logo or typography to be rolled out across your digital marketing and print advertising campaigns.


Social Moves not only works to help businesses create a professional online presence, but we’re also experienced in all forms of print design, including brochures, menus, letters, vouchers, posters, POS boards, business cards and magazine advertisements. As with digital design, it’s imperative to maintain brand consistency offline too and that’s where we can help. We can assist with creating a product brochure, flyer or full-page newspaper advert.

Having worked with a diverse range of UK based printing firms we’re up to speed with the latest design demands so you’ll never have to worry about deadlines or print specifications, we’ll take care of it. Our aim is to help you win more leads and a professional, positive and relevant online and offline presence will without a doubt play a huge role in boosting sales and improving customer loyalty.