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It’s obvious that Google+ profiles have some perks over alternative social profiles in terms of getting ranked/indexed by Google, but putting the SEO advantages aside, this platform also provides opportunities to engage, build brand recognition and boost sales.

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Google+ Management Services

Google+ is recognised as one of the major social media platforms and it’s often the favourite among SEO marketers! 

There is the argument that Google+, as a social network, is far behind the likes of Facebook or in terms of engagement, but that’s not where its prowess lies. With a relevant, fresh and engaging Google+ page you increase the odds of drawing in highly targeted visitors from Google’s organic search results. This means everything on your Google+ page become important. Take your About section as an example, with it likely to be seen by new, existing and prospective customers, it’s important to create introductory content that links through to your website, touches on your main products/services and gives them more reasons to buy from your brand. When Social Moves creates Google+ pages for our clients, we not only brand them accordingly with beautiful visuals, we also create links within that introduction content that links back to different pages of your site, boosting your SEO performance.

Like any other social media platform, to make the most of Google+ you have to be able to produce content that’s valuable, unique and worthy of comments and shares. We can help you make the most of Google+, improving your online exposure, building brand recognition and boosting SEO performance. To learn more about Google+ and how it can help you, take a look at the key advantages below or alternatively feel free to send us a message using our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Quick fact: Google+ generates nearly as much engagement per follower as Facebook and nearly twice as much as Twitter.



If you’re currently running a search engine optimisation campaign, you’ll probably have heard about the key benefits of Google+. It’s a social media platform that not only allows you to engage with individuals and brands, it also enjoys favourable treatment in Google search engine results and this means more visibility for your brand. That said, even with Google pushing their own social platform in search results, you still have to produce fresh, relevant and engaging content on a regular basis and Social Moves can help you do just that.

If you’re interested in using Google+ to build brand recognition but also want to utilise it to turn leads into customers, you can. As an example, if your business targets a local customer base, Google+ can help you boost your visibility through the Local Carousel. Google’s search engine considers factors like the number of likes on Google+ Pages to be influential ranking factors on local search.

Google+ allows you to integrate with other platforms such as Gmail and YouTube and this can greatly boost your exposure. YouTube alone processes well over 3 billion searches each month and this is why it has grown to become one of the largest search engines in the world. We’ve created videos for our clients to share on their YouTube streams and it’s another great way to get different types of engaging content out there for prospective customers to see. Having all of your accounts manageable under one entity makes engaging on these two giant platforms a lot easier, and ensuring you produce content for both can be important in terms of building brand awareness, improving SEO results and boosting leads.

Through Google+ Circles, you can easily segment your business contacts and prospects. The advantage of this to your business is that it enables you to classify the information you pass across depending on the recipients’ preferences. We’ll show you how Google+ can be used as a platform and a tool for improving sales, whilst we’ll work to keep the page active with regular posts and encourage reviews from your previous customers (which can then be found in Google search results). This will not only increase your Google+ authority but will also boost the likelihood of your business ranking well. In addition to this, Social Moves can find relevant conversations and communities to join to ensure you’re actively engaging and drawing attention to your brand.

We’ve helped a diverse range of clients make the most of Google+ and we can do the same for you. To learn more please send us a message using the contact form at the bottom of this page.


Interested in learning more about the advantages of a Google+ Management Package with Social Moves? Please send us a message here, or alternatively feel free to check out our social media packages.

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  • We really do love the work you’re doing on the Finesse Windows’ social pages. The content you post definitely works to showcase our products and services in good light, whilst it’s always consistent with the brand – which we love!

    Russell Bridge
    Director Finesse Windows
  • It’s so refreshing to see a constant stream of engaging posts on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. We did originally look at social media management for its SEO advantages but we can now see how important is to have engaging content, especially in terms of improving leads, sales and brand recongition.

    Jake Brown
    Managing Director Avro Energy
  • Thank you so much Social Moves! My Facebook and Instagram accounts look so much more professional and the content posted is just right for my audience. The fact that I can just leave you to it is amazing, and it means I can now dedicate more time to dealing with enquiries.

    Kimberley Whitehouse
    Owner - Is It Gluten Free?