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Content Marketing Services

Many people see content marketing as a completely new form of advertising, but the concept can actually be traced back over a hundred years.

It’s essentially the art of producing pieces of communication that drive a desired user action, and one of the earliest examples came from Michelin in 1900. They encouraged people to use their cars more often by publishing 35,000 copies of The Michelin Guides, an informative free book educating motorists on travel destinations, mechanics and tyre dealers.

This age old concept may have evolved somewhat over the years, but the ultimate aim remains the same, and Social Moves can help you attract and retain a refined audience through high quality written, audible and visual content. We’re specialists at storytelling, and whether you’re looking to capture your audience’s attention with a series of ‘how to’ blog posts, video guides, case studies, newsletters or social media updates, we can produce content that increases awareness, builds trust, and converts leads. If you would like to develop a content marketing strategy with Social Moves, send us a message here.

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Facebook and Twitter are often seen as the ‘big two’ in terms of social media marketing, but there’s also Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat among others. To be able to produce regular content on all of these platforms can be overtaxing for small and medium sized businesses, but we can make sure you’re keeping up appearances whilst building a targeted following. Every single social media post we craft is thought through, and we’ll even do our own homework on your audience’s behaviour to post the right message at the optimum time.

It’s always a shame to visit a business’s website only to find their most recent blog post was more than a year ago, or to find that there blog area hasn’t been utilised at all. An active blog that’s rich with high quality, engaging content can boost SEO rankings, help visitors better understand you, help you establish yourself as an authority in your industry and create opportunities for sharing. We can help you make the most out of your blog, and we’re more than happy to manage and maintain it on a monthly basis.

Email may be recognised as one of the first forms of online marketing but it’s still developing now. The right words have and always will be key to a successful campaign, and we can help you produce consistent email newsletters to drive your message home to new and returning customers. Like direct marketing, emails can be seen as intrusive and spammy if they’re sent too often, and we can best advise you on timing your emails modestly.

Every business has a story worth telling, it doesn’t how big or small you are or how much experience you have. Social Moves will help you break through the wall of clutter to get to the heart of your story, and even if you feel as though you have absolutely nothing new to say or nothing of interest to report on, we’re confident we can help you tell a story that’s worth listening to.

Studies have revealed that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and infographics can grab attention and make a real impact on your target audience. We can incorporate images, colors, icons, statistics and drawings to get your message across, and we’ll portray your information in an informative, engaging and organised way.



Press Relations

Let us help you build connections with journalists and bloggers to build authority in your industry and put your business in the spotlight.

Blog Management

We’ll freshen up your blog with engaging content to connect with your audience and stay ahead of the trends in your industry.


Whether you’d like regular infographics, stunning emails to go out to your subscribers or PDF brochures outlining your services, we can help.


Content is essentially the only thing that markets, and without it it’s extremely difficult to create awareness. We help you produce content to reach potential customers at the very top of the sales funnel, meaning you’re able to make an impact on a potential customer before they’ve made a decision on what they need. By producing regular engaging content in the form of articles, blog posts, infographics, photos and social media updates, we’re able to make more people aware of your brand, and this is the first stage in educating potential customers about your business and your products or services.

To capitalise on leads, it’s important to answer your potential customer’s questions quickly, because if you don’t someone else will, and they’re likely to be a direct competitor. Your entire presence on the web should answer any, if not all of your potential customers’ questions and Content Craving can help you give prospective clients the information they need to trust your brand. The more information you share, the more your customers will understand your business and your products or services, meaning they’re more likely to become a loyal customer.

A well-executed content marketing strategy attracts prospects and converts them into leads, but it can take some time before they become customers. Content craving can help you nurture leads throughout each step of the buyer’s journey, putting content in place that build’s trust. The more blog posts your potential customers read, and the more they interactive with you on social media or via email, the more chance you have of converting them. We can help you create a content marketing strategy that improves leads, sales, customer relationships, and we can even carry out monthly reports to monitor progress.

When you’ve worked hard to convert a lead, it’s important to make sure you’re doing all you can to keep that customer, and content marketing is at the heart of retaining loyal customers. As content creators, we can use words or images to share your stories with customers, establishing meaningful communication with them. By creating a regular dialogue, we can help your business stay at the top of a customer’s mind for future purchases.