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Did you know Instagram now has over 400 million active users? What’s more, 60% of them log in daily, making it the second most engaged network after Facebook!

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Instagram Management Services

Instagram is a relatively new social media platform; it launched back in 2010 and has grown to become one of the most popular.

It’s predominantly a photo-sharing network, however, there’s a great deal of video content posted too. When you upload a photo or video to your Instagram Business profile, you’re able to use hashtags to label each image to a category and each image can use up to 30 hashtags. These can be of utmost importance to a brand because the correct hashtags will not only broaden the reach of your posts; they’ll also work to draw in more targeted followers. Let’s say you’re in charge of the business page for a local hairdressing shop in Cambridge, you’re able to upload a photo of a fresh style you’ve created and you can tag the images accordingly with keywords such as #hairdressercambridge and #hairsaloncambridge. Using localised keywords can help prospective customers find you should they make a search on Instagram, whilst you can create hashtags that are specific to your brand.

It’s understandable why most big brands put a lot of time and effort into this channel, and Social Moves can do the same for you, posting fresh, relevant and engaging visuals on a monthly basis. We’ll also work to draw in a targeted following, helping your business use the platform to improve leads, conversions and sales.

Quick fact: The average time spent by users on Instagram daily is 21 minutes.



Like most social media networks, Instagram gives you the opportunity to create a business profile, whereby you can promote your company, interact with your target audience and generate leads. Building a targeted following can take a considerable amount of time because it requires regular posting and engaging and that’s where Social Moves can help. As stated, the platform is based around photographs and videos, while you get the opportunity to include a description (with 30 hashtags) to summarise the visual and spread the message. Social Moves not only helps brands increase their followers, we also produce visuals in-house for different purposes. We could create a picture that’s designed to send more people to your website, spread the word about a particular product or shout out about your latest competition so more people engage with your brand.

The fact that Facebook own Instagram means they really do go hand in hand. We can also create advertisements that run on both platforms or decide between the two. These adverts can send more people to your online store or they can simply be designed with brand recognition in mind. There’s a lot to do on Instagram and we’ll happily talk you through the advantages of using it to promote your business.

It’s important to note that when building a following on Instagram, it’s not enough to put your products out there for all to see. To draw in engagement, you have to spend time interacting with your audience. Instagram uses a variety of engagement aspects, including liking, commenting and following, while there’s also the private message area. Social Moves can use the right balance of these to help optimise your business to customer engagement ratio. Engagement with your business’s target audience is the best way to build a positive relationship with your potential customers. What’s more, by being more engaging, you’re able to show the human side of your business, perhaps leading to an emotive connection with your customers which is hugely important in terms of maintaining a positive reputation.

It can be difficult for brands to make an immediate impact on leads, conversions and sales when utilising social media platforms. This is completely normal and that’s why you have to think of Instagram Marketing as an ongoing strategy. It takes time to get results but every post, comment, like, reply or message sent is a step in the right direction and when you have the perfect balance of posts, you’ll begin to draw in the right type of followers and use the platform to boost sales and maintain a positive and active online presence.

With any of our social media plans, we report back to you showing you how many new followers you’ve gained and how many people engaged with our posts. Our PDF report sent out at the end of the month will give you crucial information on your performance, whilst we’re regularly looking at the deeper statistics, so we can publish content at the optimum time and use the most effective hashtags to maximise reach.


Interested in learning more about the advantages of an Instagram Management Package with Social Moves? Please send us a message here, or alternatively feel free to check out our social media packages.

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  • We really do love the work you’re doing on the Finesse Windows’ social pages. The content you post definitely works to showcase our products and services in good light, whilst it’s always consistent with the brand – which we love!

    Russell Bridge
    Director Finesse Windows
  • It’s so refreshing to see a constant stream of engaging posts on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. We did originally look at social media management for its SEO advantages but we can now see how important is to have engaging content, especially in terms of improving leads, sales and brand recongition.

    Jake Brown
    Managing Director Avro Energy
  • Thank you so much Social Moves! My Facebook and Instagram accounts look so much more professional and the content posted is just right for my audience. The fact that I can just leave you to it is amazing, and it means I can now dedicate more time to dealing with enquiries.

    Kimberley Whitehouse
    Owner - Is It Gluten Free?