Upgrade to a mobile-friendly website before it’s too late

Within the next few months, Google will be rolling out a mobile-friendly algorithm as they aim to give an additional ranking boost for mobile-friendly websites in the mobile search results.

This is huge news because it’s the first time Google will have two separate indexes: one for desktop and one for mobile. It’s a change that’s been coming for a long time and it’s designed to give mobile users better and fresher content. What’s more, this will be Google’s primary index and in many ways this makes a lot of sense because more than half of all searches happen on mobile phones. With the change just month’s away, we want to make sure you’re ahead of the game and ahead of your competition, so if you don’t already have a mobile friendly website you may lose some of your crucial Google search positions to your competitors in a few month’s time.

What does this mean for your business?

If your website is not easy to use on a mobile device, especially the small screens of smartphones, you may no longer appear in Google when people make searches using their mobile phones. So, as stated, if your website is only user friendly on desktop computers, Google’s mobile algorithm will not tolerate your website, meaning it doesn’t appear—no matter how well written your content is. If you’re now starting to panic right now that’s understandable but don’t as there’s still time to update your website before Google deems it surplus to requirements for mobile searches.

It all starts with a fresh website. We’ve designed many responsive websites – and responsive is the key word here. Check out our website on your laptop or PC and adjust the size of the browser window. You’ll notice that our site responds to whatever size you choose, providing an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices. This means whether you’re browsing the site on mobile, tablet, laptop or your desktop computer, the content will be easy to read and easy to navigate at all times.

How much will my new mobile-friendly website cost?

This all depends on the type of website you have, the designers you choose and the amount of work required in terms of designing (and often producing content) for the site. If you’d like some help from us that’s no problem, we can upgrade your website so that it is modern, up-to-date, conversion-driven and easy to navigate on all devices. Simply send us a message and we can get back to you with some design ideas and estimated costs.

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